Peak Distribution is a wholesale distributor of aftermarket automotive parts. Our core focus is performance automotive aftermarket hardware and software for modern vehicles. We specialize in niche markets, unique brands, extensive knowledge, and excellent customer service. 





We are passionate about improving automotive performance.

We house inventory and use systems to quickly get you what you need.

Our focus is all things automotive aftermarket for modern vehicles. 

We are car people and use the same parts we sell to your car people.

While Peak Distribution is a newer name in the wholesale automotive parts industry, it actually is the culmination of over 20 years of hands-on experience, industry knowledge, sales history, customer and vendor rapport, and inventory acquisition. We have worked extremely hard to become a master distributor or exclusive importer for many premier brands, which helps you have more options at competitive pricing for your customers. Therefore, we invite you to experience what we have to offer by establishing a dealer account with us.